Street Photography is the optical capture of someone’s personal view of an everyday moment in public. This means that your personal view might be interpreted differently by your viewers. This is not a bad thing as such. Art is always something that people have different opinions about. You should have a plan, an idea and a personal point of view. This personal view you should want to put into your photography. The better you can achieve this goal the easier it gets for attaining your own style. You have to know that you cannot please the World and that not everyone will like your work.

There are always people who don’t like what you do. You may prevent criticism by not shooting too close or not publishing certain photos but in the end it is your style/work and you want to show this to the World. Comments are often useful but you should just take them and not think too much about it. If you want to put every comment into your next photo, you will not be successful over time.

The more your photos polarize the more you have to live with critics; it’s that simple and you may have to be prepared. If you are not used to it, it might be difficult for you to accept this fact. I can say that you will survive it as long as you don’t take it personally. Just remember that there are people who have different views and obviously may not like what you do. There is nothing bad about it. You have to believe in yourself and be sure that you do the right thing. If you cannot do that, you will have a hard time in the Street Photography scene. Of course you can choose your style and find a way to get the least critical response possible but you should never forget that you shoot for yourself and only for yourself. There is no other reason for you to press that shutter button. If you at any time make a photo for someone else you should stop and think about it. You will start losing your personality as a Street Photographer if you stop doing things because of criticism. It’s your style which makes you unique, not the amount of people who like your work.




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