You have to have a plan, an idea, a way of working and you have to do your thing. There are too many influences and too many people telling you other things. Don’t look to your left or right, just look forward and focus on what you want to achieve. I often see aimless photographers who shoot everything or who try to copy a style of someone. Sure you have to get inspired, but sooner than later you have to find your own style. People should recognize your work by your style not by the watermark on your photos.

If you want to go mainstream, street photography may not be your best choice. Street photography requires that you should find a different way, a different angle, a different processing method, a different style and stick to it.  It might be hard at the beginning, but it takes time. There must be a constant flow of similar images in your photo stream that people realize your style and recognize you as a solid street photographer.

There is no right time to shoot. It’s more your interest and motivation about capturing the right thing at the right time at the right place. You should choose your themes and topics according to the time you are shooting. Then you go to the street and make the best out of the current time of the day. Be sure that you spend the available time wisely.



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