Generally a B&W photo is more appealing than a colored one. Street Photography must be in B&W to touch people’s heart. It always has and it always will be. A photo in color cannot have as much soul as a B&W one – that is a fact.

First of all, many people think that street photos are only black and white. I think that this case is different. Secondly, you should have your own unique style, and then there will be no misunderstanding about the colors. How it looks in your website.

Again, why do we have to choose? My photography is almost exclusively black and white, especially the stuff which is shown publicly. However, this does not lead me to proclaim that all street photography should be in B&W. What sense would this make? I use B&W because I like it. I’ve always been drawn to monochrome images. Do I think that good street photography can be shot in color? Absolutely. Color is, in fact, crucial to some of his shots which would be unremarkable without the presence of color. One of the great things about digital photography is that you can shoot raw images and then decide later whether to leave the color or convert to monochrome. There is no need to commit. What could be better? So, in the end, I again advocate using both. Generally speaking I think black and white is most suited to documentary photography. The only complication to all of this is in defining your style, and making photographs which are recognizable. In this respect too much of back and forth between monochrome and color could pose problems.



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